Anchor Text – These are the clickable words that make up a link/hyperlink. These words are often blue and underlined, but not always.

Article Directory – An online source specializing in linking and categorizing digital articles

Backlinks – All the links pointing at a particular web page. Also called inbound or incoming links.

Blog (short for weblog) – A blog is an online journal that can be maintained by a person or company. Blog entries are called posts. Often times have the option of commenting on the post (interacting with the blog). Comments among blog readers are a platform for discussion.

Blog Directory – A website that specializes in categorizing and therefore linking to blogs.

Blog Distribution – A way to circulate your blog to subscribers, directories, or social media accounts. This is a way to get your content out there and to build links.

Click Through – When a user clicks on a link and is taken to the destination of that link.

Click-Through-Rate (CTR) – The number of clicks an ad (or other link) receives divided by the number of times the ad (or link) is viewed. The higher the CTR, the better!

Competitor research – The assessment and analysis of strengths and weaknesses of competing web sites, including identifying traffic patterns, website layout and services, major traffic sources, incoming links, and keyword selection.

Conversion – When a customer who is viewing a site takes an action that the marketing has intended, such as making a purchase, filling out a form and submitting it, signing up for a newsletter or RSS feed, or completing some other goal of the site.

Domain – The domain is part of your website URL. For instance for, the domain name is “”.

Geo-Targeting – Tailoring your website content or advertising to the geographic location of the searcher. Geo-targeting ads allows you to specify where your ads will or will not be shown based on the searcher’s location, enabling more localized and personalized results.

Head Terms – Search terms that are short, popular, straightforward, and usually very competitive. These short terms are called “head terms” based on a distribution curve of keyword usage that displays the high numbers of most-used terms at the “head” or left side of the graph. For example, “shoes” would be considered a head term, but not “black leather shoes”. See also Long Tail Terms.

Keyword – A specific word or combination of words that a searcher types into a search field.

Keyword Cloud – A group of related keywords. For example, these words would fall into one cloud: red women’s shoes, high heel woman’s shoes, wide women’s shoes. Another possible cloud for that same market is: green women’s boots, blue women’s snow boots, women’s cowboy boots.

Keyword Density – The number of times a keyword is used in the body of a page divided by the number of words on the page. The more times a keyword appears in a page, the higher its density.

Landing Page – The webpage a searcher arrives at after clicking on an ad or a link. The landing page is not necessarily the Home page; it is any page on the site that is specifically designed to be the destination based on the keywords used to search.

Link – Also called a hyperlink, this is text or a graphic a user can click on to navigate to another page or place within a page. The text displayed can be exact URL destination of the link, but it is more often words that describe the destination.

Link Juice –The quality of a particular incoming link or backlink. A higher authority site with a higher pagerank will pass more link juice to your site than a site with a lower page rank. More link juice means higher page rank and higher search engine results.

Long Tail Terms – Search terms that are very specific, long phrases that include one or more modifiers. These longer, more specific terms have a lower search volume than shorter phrases or single keywords (head terms). For example, “black leather shoes” is a long tail term, while “shoes” is a head term.

Organic Results – Listings on SERPs that were not paid for; listings for which search engines do not sell space.

Page Rank – (PR) To be accurate this term is written as “PageRank” because it is trademarked by Google; however, it is commonly seen and written as “page rank.” Pagerank is a number between 0 (low) and 10 (high) that is assigned to every webpage based on its importance. Importance is measured mainly by the number and quality of incoming links.

Pay Per Click – (PPC) A model of online advertising in which advertisers pay only for each click on their ad. Charges per ad click-through are based on advertiser bids and are influenced by competitor bids, competition for keywords and search engines’ proprietary quality measures of advertiser ad and landing page content.

Query – The keyword or keyword phrase a searcher enters into a search field

RSS Feed – RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, and is a format for text, audio or video content, called “feeds” to be delivered to a user. An RSS reader or aggregator combines and delivers content from all the feeds you have subscribed to.

Sales Funnel – This is the multi-step process of a consumer’s path to purchase a product – from awareness to education to preferences and intent to final purchase.

SEO – Acronym for “Search Engine Optimization.” This is the process of driving more organic or natural (unpaid) traffic to a website by improving search engine visibility.

SERP – Acronym for Search Engine Results Page. This page is delivered to a searcher after a search query is entered into the search field and contains a list of relevant web pages. It displays both paid and organic (unpaid) listings.

Social Bookmarking – This allows web users to organize and bookmark webpages, articles, products, blogs, etc. by using tags. People can then to share them with others, publicly or privately.

Web Directories – Like traditional print directories, web directories provide an online method for users to search for professionals and services by category and location. Many include pictures and comment and rating systems for users to input their opinions.