The websites below demonstrate consulting, web design, graphic design and more. Working hand in hand with our clients, we have created amazing websites that are designed to make our clients more money online.

click to go to gyrostabilizedsystems.comClient: Gyro Stabilized Systems |
Services: Marketing Plan and Consulting for Plan Implementation
About Gyro Stabilized Systems: GSS manufactures and sells customizable gyro-stabilized platforms for filming in the production, broadcast, utilities, and government markets. Think boat and helicopter camera mounts!
click to go to on-trackinc.comClient: On Track, Inc |
Services: Marketing plan and Consulting for Plan Implementation
About On Track, Inc: On Track, Inc. specializes in construction accounting, construction business management, and project administration. They use a team approach to help their clients develop good bookkeeping habits.
click to go to bigheartstyle.comClient: Big Heart Style |
Services: Marketing plan, logo design, website design and web development in BigCommerce.
About Big Heart Style began as a popular jewelry design company owned by designer Ingrid Linton. Big Heart Style grew from the idea of creating modern handmade gemstone jewelry that fluidly rested on the body and touched the soul. Through the trials and triumphs of the past few years, her designs and creativity re-emerged through the wonderful bags, purses, aprons and more that you will find on
click to go to Client: Terial Arts |
Services: SEO, content consulting, website graphic design and development, keyword research, competitor research, SEO Training.
About Terry founded Terial Arts™ in 2012 after inventing Terial Magic™ and creating several patterns for fabric art. The idea struck her after her daughter’s wedding for which, together, they made 800 fabric flowers for napkin decorations turned into brooches for each guest, plus centerpieces. Terry was frustrated with how the fabric frayed both during the making of and over time after finished. She came up with Terial Magic™ and now you too can create beautiful fabric flowers without the fray! This DIY Fabric Flowers and Art company brings you the most lush, elegant, yet easy to make flowers on the market! Terry is dedicated to her customers and provides very high quality illustrations, descriptions and images to make your fabric flower creations easy and fun.
bankruptcy services with James BunnellClient: Gold Country Bankruptcy |
Services: SEO, content consulting, website graphic design and development, keyword research, competitor research, video consulting.
About Gold Country Bankruptcy provides bankruptcy resources, information on filing bankruptcy and free consultations with Auburn, California bankruptcy attorney James Bunnell.
An interesting and functional website that is optimized for keywords like “chapter 7 bankruptcy”, “filing bankruptcy”, “bankruptcy attorney” and more. James Bunnell is now able to reach his northern California clients with instructional videos and other helpful content. This new internet presence has the personal touch and personality the client was looking for.
finding happiness with Jonathan RobinsonClient: Finding Happiness |
Services: SEO, content consulting, website graphic design and development, keyword research, competitor research, email marketing auto-responder setup, social media consulting and marketing, product fulfillment, ecommerce.
About Finding Happiness provides tips, recordings and articles from author and speaker Jonathan Robinson. His goal is to help people to raise their level of happiness with the knowledge he has gained over many years of studying the subject.
An interesting and functional website that is optimized for keywords like “how to be happy”, “being present”, “gratitude journal” and more. With a social media and email marketing plan, Jonathan’s goal of reaching as many people as he can to help raise their happiness level is now becoming a reality with his new internet presence.
tahoe_portfolioClient: Tahoe Exclusive Vacation Rentals |
Services: Website Evaluation and Internet Marketing Plan, content consulting, website development and reservation system integration.
About Tahoe Exclusive Vacation Rentals is a leading boutique vacation rental company specializing in the finest luxury vacation rentals in the North Lake Tahoe area.
Results: A significant increase in leads only weeks after we implemented on-page SEO changes such as new, keyword-focused content, and improved website structure and usability.
IRI roof inspectionsClient: Independent Roof Inspection|
Services: Website Evaluation and Internet Marketing Plan, on-page SEO implementation, graphic design, content consulting, website design and development.
About IRI provides accurate and impartial consulting and inspection solutions by roofing professionals across the US.
Results: An attractive and functional website that is starting to rank for targeted keywords and is bringing in new leads.
Client: Floracopeia |
Services: SEO, link building, graphic design, e-commerce consulting, content consulting.
About Floracopeia is the world’s leader in high quality, pure essential oils and aromatherapy products. Their essential oils are sustainably produced from a unique network of small farms and projects with the intention of economically supporting and uplifting ecological farmers around the world.
Results: In addition to achieving increased search engine rankings, Floracopeia has started generating more sales through blogging and press releases. We are continually working to increase usability and conversions with frequent design assessments and improvements.
Larry Jones Las Vegas Acts ImageClient: Las Vegas Acts
Services: SEO, website development
About Las Vegas Acts: Larry Jones is an award-winning corporate entertainer who uses a mix of clean comedy and hit music to entertain.
Results: Launched in the summer 2012, we built this website from scratch to rank for keywords like corporate entertainer and singing comedian.
Client: The Barge Connection |
Services: SEO, content creation, link building
About Barge Connection: Barge Connection is a small business selling European Barge trips with a one woman marketing staff – Crystal Groome.
Results: Barge Connection is an amazing success story! Crystal has effectively implemented all our Internet Marketing recommendations and made huge gains in her rankings. Barge Connection currently has top 10 Google rankings for competitive keywords like barge trips, barge vacations, barge cruises in france, barge cruises and many more.
Client: Freeze Dry Guy |
Services: Complete site re-design, website graphics, SEO, PPC
About Freeze Dry Guy: Freeze Dry Guy has been in business for over 40 years selling freeze dried food – freeze dried meat, vegetables, entrees and more.
Results: We worked together with Freeze Dry Guy to design a website that is without a doubt one of the most persuasive and easy to use in their industry. We did extensive keyword and competitor research to develop landing page content for their top keyword targets.
Client: VE Associates
Services: SEO
About VE Associates: VE Associates is located in Los Angeles, CA and has 25 years of experience in CD and DVD Replication.
Results: In 2009, right after they launched their website, Coryon worked with them to achieve first page rankings for dozens of terms. He also worked with them to create more persuasive content that pair their competitive advantages with calls to action.
Client: Don Lucas
Services: SEO, website development, content development
About Don Lucas: Don Lucas makes and sells beautiful custom designed southwestern jewelry such as necklaces, pendants and earrings.
Results: We developed a beautiful website that was built by Willis Designs. This site is a great example of how elegant design and SEO can go hand in hand.
California legal insurance Client: Nielsen & Geenty |
Services: SEO, website development, website graphics, custom PHP programming, social media, link building
About Nielsen & Geenty: Nielsen & Geenty is a Grass Valley based company selling legal malpractice insurance.
Results: Launched in December 2011, we built this website from scratch to rank for keywords like california legal insurance. We created a custom quote page to allow customers to fill out an application directly through the website. This is a good example of a simple design that is persuasive and SEO-focused.
Client: Mimeos Sustainability Consultants|
Services: SEO, landing page content, social media, link building, website and marketing plan, keyword and competitor research
About Mimeos: Located in Los Angeles, Mimeos is a solar consulting and installation company.
Results: In 2011, Mimeos hired us to evaluate their website and create a detailed Internet Marketing plan. We conducted keyword and competitor research to determine the best keywords in their market and designed content around those keywords. Our plan also included social media and link building components that will be implemented soon.