Internet Marketing Resources

On this page, you will find resources about the main areas of your internet marketing strategy: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keyword Research, Link Building, Paid Search, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Blogging.

Getting Started

If you’re just getting started, you can get an overview of what steps to take and avoid being overwhelmed.

– See Coryon’s First Steps to a Higher Ranking Website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the set of techniques you can use on your website to make it more relevant to search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.

– What is SEO? Watch this 3-minute video
2011 Google Ranking factors This is a MUST read for SEO. Learn from a group of the top SEO experts EXACTLY what Google looks at when ranking a website.
Tutorials about SEO
The complete guide to SEM dedicated to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with lots of tutorials
– List of top 10 SEO websites
Google’s say about SEO
– Google’s Webmaster Guide
– Google Webmaster Guidelines for what is acceptable for SEO
– Great article about how JCPenney manipulated search results through blackhat link building. Very interesting details and discussion with a blackhat SEO consultant

Keyword Research

Find the most appropriate keywords for your business. What are people searching for? What is the competition for desired keywords? What are your best/highest profit products and services? What are your best/most appropriate landing pages? Which pages do you need to build?

Google’s Keyword Planner shows approximate search volume per month and estimated average search volume. Unfortunately, it requires an Adwords Account which means you have to put in your info and a credit card to get started (It doesn’t mean you have to start spending money).  Also allows you to view by exact match or broad match and export keyword lists.
Google Trends  shows trends for search phrases – over time, geographically, seasonality, etc.
– Overview of SEO tools and services
– Very cool tool that shows keyword count estimates from Wordtracker, Google, Yahoo, MSN and more
Authority site about enhanced keyword research with a free demo of their proprietary tool
– Free trial keyword research tool
List of keyword research tools
Article shows how to create a Keyword seed list, then use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to create a list of keywords for your website.

Link Building for Nevada County Businesses

Foothill Guide – free basic membership, premium $29.95/yr
Discover Our Town – Grass Valley Business Directory
Nevada County Gold – The Official Online Guide to Nevada County
ERC – Nevada County Economic Resource Council.  Free listing for any tech related companies.
Historic Hwy 49 – Business Directory
Nevada County Chamber of Commerce

View more presentations from


See Coryon’s Blogging Best Practices
– 2011 review of best blogging software
– Blogging glossary
List of PR5-9 dofollow blogs
– 7 tips to increase your blog comments
– Tips and lots of links for small business owners
– How to write SEO-friendly blog posts
– Why a blog should have an editorial policy
– Blog commenting to increase PageRank
– 21 tactics to increase blog traffic