Social Media Blog Distribution

Blog Creation

A frequent flow of high quality content is an important part of a successful social media plan. Creating your blog and then using multiple channels to distribute it will not only help build strong brand awareness and poise you as a go-to expert in your field but will also help create a large amount of backlinks to your website. This greatly improves your search engine rankings for specific keywords.

  • Frequency: Publish 1 or 2 blogs weekly and craft a workflow for distributing the content using social media channels. This can be done in a Google Documents spreadsheet.
  • Content: Provide information that will be useful to your readers, make your blog something that people will enjoy reading or viewing. Videos can be used very effectively in your blogs, using text along with the video with keywords that you are focusing on to attract searches.
  • Link juice: Build backlinks to your site by using your target keyword phrases within the blog that you use as anchor text for links that point back to specific pages on your website. Also, create a signature, information that will go at the bottom of every blog that will also include links.

Blog Distribution:

  • Social Networking Sites:,, and all offer blog distribution platforms. Create accounts on each of these sites utilizing any opportunities to build a profile, this gets you links too. You can republish your blogs on Facebook as Notes. Then “Share” links to your blog and ask your fans to share them as well. Get involved in group forums and periodically share links back to relevant articles on your blog. Linkedin allows you to share links as status posts. MerchantCircle offers a Blog tab on your profile and an easy copy and paste will transfer your blog, text, photos and links. ­On Twitter you post your blog as tweets. There are sites like where you can set-up scheduled posts.
  • RSS Directories: RSS directories are similar to web directories, but contain collections of RSS feeds, instead of links to web sites. RSS feeds are a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works like blogs.
  • Social Bookmarking: Create accounts on,,,, and Social Bookmarking sites are hubs for users to share and store content. After publishing a blog it is important to bookmark it on each of these sites. This process is easy to streamline and doesn’t take much time. It is a great link building tool. Most social bookmarking sites also give you a profile page where you can put links. I suggest waiting 1-2 days until after you publish a blog to start distributing it on these bookmarking sites.
  • Blog & Web Directories: Blog and web directories are sites where you can submit your blog URL under specific categories where people can subscribe and you can build links. These are one time submissions that would be best to do right when you have an active blog. is a good place to start.