“Through Linkedin, Facebook, and other social media outlets, Coryon helped me find key contacts that I needed to grow my business and get more gigs. His work went above and beyond the website changes – he was able to help me integrate online with offline techniques to fill up my performance schedule.” – Alexander Magic, Alexander Grait

“Rachel and Coryon have provided me with an amazingly detailed step by step report to improve the positioning of my web site in search engines. Rachel went over it in detail with me, making sure I understood it and what I had to do next. ” – Ray Thompson, Hypnosis and More

“From mid-2012 to the present, Coryon Redd has provided valuable consultation to a Nevada City travel and tourism consortium that aims to double visits to the Chamber of Commerce website within a two year period. Coryon recognized the ambitiousness of the consortium’s goal and responded with goodwill consultations on search engine optimization strategy and analysis. Coryon’s technical assistance, strategic counsel, and confident, encouraging approach were all indispensable to helping Nevada City embrace new marketing strategies and promptly move forward with timely online marketing initiatives.” -Lex Matteini
Marketing Advisor to the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce

“OMG! Just came from a three hour consultation on SEO with Coryon. I must say it was worth every cent. Soooo much better than trying read up on all the changes there seem to be every day. Coryon is so knowledgeable and is so open to sharing – just an amazing afternoon. Now all I have to do is put all I learned into practice! A big thank you to Coryon.”
– Karen Moritz

“Coryon Redd is a pleasure to work with and can be an incredible asset to any company wanting a greater presence on the web. I am amazed with his depth of knowledge about SEO, social media and web development. He doesn’t just talk a good story, he actually delivers. Coryon really knows his stuff when it comes to a proven approach to getting top rankings on Google and earning more money on the Internet. He is an entrepreneur that exudes integrity and honesty in everything he does.”
– Jim Britt, Author “Do This, GetRich For Entrepreneurs”

“Just wanted to tell you thanks again for helping me learn how to work within LinkedIn.
I worked smart in the LinkedIn trenches and finally got the Microsoft Lead Director of Worldwide Events to connect with me!
Thanks to you !!”
– Patti Spencer

“Just got my website eval back from Coryon Redd — WOW! Really powerful document for me, an incredible job from his team…” – Nathan Coe Marsh

“Holy Moly…I have been working with Coryon Redd and looking over his report, if any of you have not signed up for his help and offer, I encourage you to do so.”
– Greg Frisbee

“Coryon is passionate about helping clients create a strong web presence and visibility. He has done this successfully for himself and many other businesses.”
– Jeanne Duerst

“Coryon is brilliant and a pleasure to collaborate with! He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Internet Marketing gained through years of hands-on experience with his extremely successful eCommerce business, http://Batteries4Less.com.
Coryon has extensive expertise in many areas including: SEM, SEO, PPC, comparison shopping, link building, press releases, article writing, affiliate programs, as well as website design and usability.
He has been very successful marketing his own business and he’ll bring success to your company too!”
– Christine Hueber, Social Media Marketing Strategies, ChristineHueber.com — Social Media Marketing Service

“Coryon gave his SEO presentation to members of one of my business peer advisory boards and helped give them a knowledge base for their own businesses. Most of those business owners have followed up with Coryon’s full class with great results. He has proven to be a wonderful community resource. Did I mention that he helped me with my website wireframe? His help was pivotal in my education as well.”
– Ruth Schwartz, coach and facilitator, TAB

“I got to know Coryon in the context of collaborating with him on a couple SEO/SEM projects. He has thorough and completely practical knowledge of how to maximize the visibility, navigability and transparency of a business website, as well as the larger technological and commercial ecosystem in which it thrives. I found Coryon a pleasure to work with, an enthusiastic teacher and consultant, and a results-focused businessman. I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance.”
– Neil Redding, Technology Strategy/Technical Architect Consultant, Bond Art and Science

“Coryon Redd is an excellent online marketer with the ability to think of creative solutions for various situations. Not only does he possess the necessary knowledge and insight to be effective now, but he also continues to educate himself on the changes and current trends found in today’s ever fluctuating world of internet marketing.
In addition to his expertise as an online marketer, Coryon also excels as a teacher. He regularly updates the entire marketing team with current changes, new trends, and future outlooks. To his credit, he is able to do this while managing a marketing team composed of colleagues in other states and even other countries. Furthermore, he is able to communicate these concepts to colleagues whose first language is not English.
Coryon embodies what an online marketer should be through his enthusiasm and desire to be one step ahead of the rest. His natural abilities as a teacher further compliment these skills as he is able to effectively communicate ideas and concepts easily to anyone. His management style and ability to maintain a cohesive marketing team speaks volumes on his prowess as a leader.”
– Tim Ing, Director of Marketing, Cellphone Battery Warehouse

“Coryon took the esoteric world of SEO and SEM and helped make it clear and doable, giving me many resources to further educate myself. He is patient, thorough, and knowledgeable. His other company, Batteries4Less.com is a living example of his skills put into action.”
– Paul Smith

“Coryon helped me dramatically increase quality traffic to my website. He clearly explained the process, showed me how to track the changes and then helped get more good customers to my website. Thanks Coryon!”
– Paul Schroder

About Coryon’s Classes

“I attended a class last night on Search Engine Optimization taught by Coryon Redd. The (beginning) class was full to overflowing with a waiting list for the next intermediate class. Coryon is clearly an expert in online marketing. If you do a google search for “cell phone batteries” – Coryon’s website: www.batteries4less.com will most be likely be the top link that is organically returned in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) – I learned that term last night in Coryon’s class. If you want to learn about internet marketing I recommend you connect up with Coryon. I first heard about Coryon on the zentech radio show on KVMR; where Coryon was a guest speaker on the topic of Search Engine Optimization. Coryon started batteries 4 less out of his home 10 years ago. His website now gets approximately 100,000 visits per month from people all over the world looking for a cell phone battery. Coryon hosts his website himself on a server that he manages.” – Dave Duggan, Owner, Dave Duggan IT Consultant,