Internet Marketing Videos

I have kept my company – on the top of Google for competitive keywords like cell phone batteries, blackberry batteries, phone batteries and more for over 10 years. Watch the videos below as I pull back the curtain on what it takes to get to he top of Google search results and make more money online.

Why do search marketing? (1:32) Does Google matter? People are searching for the products and services you offer – day after day, week after week. What could it mean for your business to get to the top of Google for the very best keywords? Search Marketing creates an ongoing source of the very best traffic you can get. Bottom line, make more money online with SEO by getting FOUND when people search for your business.
Keyword Research: (1:58) I have been doing search marketing for over a decade. Keyword research is the first, and most important, step to making more money online. By using the Google keyword tool, you can see exactly how people are searching for the keywords related to your business. Pick your top keyword targets to make sure that you can get the most qualified traffic to your website.
Landing Pages: (2:59) Learn 4 easy steps to deciding which keyword-optimized landing pages your website needs. Are people searching for keywords relating to your business? Are they relevant and logical to your website? Do you have time to build all the landing pages you want to?
What makes your business so special? (2:18) Why should people buy from you? Learn how to build your competitive advantages into your website. Show your experience, quality, attention to detail, customer service and more to turn more visitors into buyers.
How to build a website: (8:01) There is no magic wand to get your website to the top of Google search results. Let me show you how to build a website and GET FOUND. The insider SEO tips and tactics in this video will show you how YOUR WEBSITE CAN GET TO THE TOP OF GOOGLE.
LinkedIn best practices: (2:01) Get quality answers to the most difficult questions in business and build connections with business experts. Following a few best practices will assure that you get the best results and build your business contacts.
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Testimonials: (4:23) Watch Coryon’s clients tell how Coryon’s Internet Marketing Services and Training helped them make more money from their website by getting more traffic, more leads, and more clients.
See how implementing the best marketing strategies for their business, applying Coryon’s Internet Marketing tips, learning Internet Marketing through Coryon’s training options propelled their website higher on the results page of search engines.

Based on his years of experience having his website consistently rank at the first place in Google for very competitive keywords, Coryon will help your site move to the top of search engine results. Call us at 888-886-6115